The Long Earth wins Goodreads Choice Awards

Congratulations to Sir Terry Pratchett and Steven Baxter! Their novel, The Long Earth, won a Goodreads Choice Award for Best Science Fiction!

The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Steven Baxter

About the book:

Larry Lynsey is a recluse in every sense of the word. But in the High Meggas—one of the farthest regions in Long Earth, a series of parallel worlds that become increasingly un-Earthlike with distance—he has the advantage of being the only living person on the planet. In fact, he is the only person on the closest 10 planets and it would take anyone else a really long time to get to him even if they tried. So life for Larry is just the way he likes it.

Until two people—Anna Shea and Steven Valiente—find themselves stuck in the High Meggas and hijinks ensue.

With Pratchett’s subtle satire and vibrant, believable world-building THE LONG EARTH is sure to appeal to fans new and old.

Critics love The Long Earth:

“Stay tuned for the next episode of a very old-fashioned sf quest yarn (think Jules Verne and 2001) that, since Pratchett is involved, is crammed with scientifically informed amusement.”

— Booklist

“In this thought-provoking collaboration, Pratchett (the Discworld series) and Baxter (Stone Spring) create an infinity of worlds to explore… fascinating premise…”

— Publishers Weekly

“The Long Earth is a brilliant Science Fiction collaboration with Stephen Baxter: a love letter to all Pratchett fans, readers, and lovers of wonder everywhere… This novel is a gift to be shared with anyone who loves to be amazed.”

— Io9

About the Authors:

Terry Pratchett is one of the most popular living authors in the world. His first short story, “The Hades Business,” was published when he was thirteen (in his school magazine), and commercially when he was fifteen; his first full-length book, The Carpet People, was published when he was twenty-three. He worked as a journalist and a press officer, and continued to write and publish novels, until it got to the point that the success of his books meant that it was costing him money to go to work. Pratchett’s acclaimed novels are bestsellers in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, and have sold more than seventy-five million copies worldwide. In January 2009 he was made a knight by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his “services to literature.” He lives in England, where he writes all the time.

Stephen Baxter is an award-winning author who has published more than 40 novels, including most recently Resplendent, Transcendent, Exultant, and Coalescent.

"In this beautifully written debut, Ain’t It Cool News Web site contributor Cargill chronicles the friendship and adventures of Ewan, stolen as a baby by the fairy–goblin crossbreeds called Bendith Y Mamau, and Colby, an eight-year-old who encounters a djinn, with an unhurried storyteller style that provides total immersion. The two boys travel from the faerie lands known as the Limestone Kingdom, a realm filled with creatures of myth—Coyote, changelings, the Wild Hunt, and more—to Austin, Tex., where they must learn to navigate the often treacherous path to adulthood. Legends and faerie lore are given a dark urban twist with a raw, honest, sometimes violent edge. The universe is richly detailed, and issues of destiny and sacrifice give the story depth. Readers with delicate sensibilities should leave this one for those who enjoy a roller-coaster ride into the depths of strangeness and despair. Agent: Peter McGuigan, Foundry Literary + Media. (Mar.)"

Starred PW review for C. Robert Cargill’s upcoming debut, DREAMS AND SHADOWS! =)


The cover for Sandman Slim #5, KILL CITY BLUES


The cover for Sandman Slim #5, KILL CITY BLUES

Harper Voyager Halloween Roundup

Halloween is coming—and Harper Voyager is the go-to for spooky books. Krampus, Devil Said Bang, and Into the Woods were all picked as part of the Houston Press’ Halloween roundup! Check it out:

Jocelynn Drake does a Reddit AMA at 7PM Central Tonight!

Jocelynn Drake

Do you sometimes wonder why awesome Harper Voyager author Jocelynn Drake loves tattoos so much? Do you stay up late at night wondering how she came up with the brilliant idea for Angel’s Ink in the first place, or why she has a cat named Demona? Well now you can ask, because Jocelynn will be doing a Reddit AMA tonight at 7PM, Central time. Go get these questions answered, and ask her some of your own, right here!

And hey—if you haven’t dipped into Angel’s Ink yet, you can still get a copy. Here are just a few people singing the praises of Jocelynn’s writerly abilities:

Angel's Ink, Book 1 of the Asylum Tales, by Jocelynn Drake

“Jocelynn Drake’s writing holds a wonderfully wry humor akin to dark chocolate: bitter but irresistible. With a unique and fascinating magic system, Angel’s Ink is a new take on traditional and urban fantasy themes, spinning a tale of personal vendettas, mob bosses, and just a touch of romance. Gage is an engaging, sympathetic character with curiously twisted problems that he brings upon himself despite his best efforts. Keeping secrets from his friends works…until the hapless Gage makes the largest, and perhaps best, mistake of his life. Now he just has to survive it. Angel’s Ink is an other-earthly blend of magic and technology in the best tradition of urban fantasy that refused to let me go. The continuing Asylum Tales promise to be intriguing and wildly inventive.”

—Kim Harrison

“A lot of fun, with a whole new take on the dark urban fantasy. Bright and breezy, with fascinating characters, and a background with hidden depths. Drake puts the ink in incredible.”

—Simon R. Green

“Gritty, authentic and fast-paced! This urban fantasy series rocks!”

—J.R. Ward

We can’t wait for Brom’s KRAMPUS: THE YULE LORD to come out on 10/30! In the meantime, we’re having too much fun with our Krampus board on Pinterest—who knew a creepy black devil had such fun images?!  Come add your own images of Krampus!

ALL HALLOWS READ: @neilhimself recommends his favorite spooky reads for kids and adults! 

ALL HALLOWS READ: @neilhimself recommends his favorite spooky reads for kids and adults! 

In what is certainly one of the most mind-boggling-but-sort-of-logical marketing campaigns we’ve ever seen, The Hobbit has teamed up with Denny’s to bring you Radagast’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies, Bilbo’s Berry Smoothie, Gandalf’s Gobble Melt, “The Ring” Burger, and Frodo’s Pot Roast. Yes, Denny’s…


A visit to the set of HORNS - five snapshots.
1. Behind the wheel of Ig Perrish’s vintage Gremlin. The plan was for Daniel Radcliffe to take it for a spin later in the week. I just know he’s going to look hot behind the wheel. Really really really hot.


A visit to the set of HORNS - five snapshots.

1. Behind the wheel of Ig Perrish’s vintage Gremlin. The plan was for Daniel Radcliffe to take it for a spin later in the week. I just know he’s going to look hot behind the wheel. Really really really hot.

Great Halloween Read!

Looking for something haunting to read this Halloween? Check out our eBook original short story City of Screams (on sale 10/30) co-written by New York Times bestselling author James Rollins and award-winning author Rebecca Cantrell. This frightening tale features ungodly beasts who hunt the dark corners of the world claiming vengeance on those still living. Readers who download will also receive a sneak peek of The Blood Gospel, the pairs chilling new series.  Click here to pre-order.